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We have Categories of PowerBanks

1. Laptop Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)

2. Phone Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)


We are focusing more on using Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, Lithium Polymer Technology, and Lithium Titanate Technology in building these and future products:


3. Mobile Solar Generator of different capacities (Using Lithium iron phosphate Technology)

12v system with different inverter capacities to power small and big electrical appliances pending on user’s choice of system.


a. 444wh

b. 768wh

c. 960WH Capacities

d. 1280wh

e. 260wh

f. 1920wh

g. 2240wh

h. 2560wh

We are looking forward to customizing 24v, 36v and 48v systems based on our clients demands. We can build any capacities our customers needed.

Our products have 5-10 years life span for our LiFePO4, 10-30years for lithium Titanate products and 2-4years for our Li-ion Products