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   Launching of Our Online Partner's Platform   30/07/2019

Launching of Joshnka Technology Ltd Online Partner's Platform

Jul 25, 2019

We are so much energized to announce the launch of Joshnka Technology Ltd Online Partner's Platform. 

It has everything you need to run an online Investment website. We are now online, you can join our company with a finger click from your comfort in office and homes. It's time to start making money partnering with us and greater money reselling our produtcs. we look forward to welcoming you on our site!

   Our most selling products   30/07/2019

You can resell or buy our products today and have 24/7 lights up in your home steady.

We have brands of products ranging from

1. Laptop powerbanks

2. Phone Power-Banks

3. Mobile Solar Generator of different capacities (Using Lithium iron phosphate Technology)

12v system with different inverter capacities to power small and big electrical appliances pending on user’s choice of system.


a. 320wh

b. 640wh

c. 960WH Capacities

d. 1280wh

e. 1600wh

f. 1920wh

g. 2240wh

h. 2560wh