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 Can I know more about this company?

Our company is named Joshnka Technology Ltd, we started since May, 2014. And we are producing and supplying Laptop Power-Banks all over the country. 

We also produce other types of Power-Banks like 

Solar Generators with different capacities.

We import our raw materials and produce/assemble power bank (solar generators)

 What are the company’s main products?

Our Company Business Sector:
The Company currently operates in the manufacturing sector of Solar Energy.

The Product

We have Categories of PowerBanks

1. Laptop Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)

2. Phone Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)


We are focusing more on using Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, Lithium Polymer Technology, and Lithium Titanate Technology in building these and future products:


3. Mobile Solar Generator of different capacities (Using Lithium iron phosphate Technology)

12v system with different inverter capacities to power small and big electrical appliances pending on user’s choice of system.


a. 320wh

b. 640wh

c. 960WH Capacities

d. 1280wh

e. 1600wh

f. 1920wh

g. 2240wh

h. 2560wh

We are looking forward to customizing 24v, 36v and 48v systems based on our clients demands. We can build any capacities our customers needed.

Our products have 5-10 years life span for our LiFePO4, 10-30years for lithium Titanate products and 2-4years for our Li-ion Products


 Is your company registered with CAC?

Joshnka is registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) with a RC. No: 1448041. The Company was registered in October, 25, 2017. The Company is well established and empowered solar mobile power station productions using latest Lithium Battery Technology, supplying to individuals, NGO's, Offices and Homes     

 Why did you create this investment opportunity

We created our investment opportunity to grow our business and also help investors grow their wealth steadily as we rise to the apex.

 Is my Investment safe?

Your investment with Joshnka Technology Ltd is very safe; we are seriously working day and night to keep our company growing by importing raw materials in large quantity, producing our products in large quantities with quality and also mass marketing to reach to the ends of the country, providing steady lights even to the grassroots. Increasing our Income and sharing the revenue with our investors.

 How Long Can I leave my Principal investment?

The minimum days is 180 days and the maximum years you can keep your invested capital with us is 5 years, after which you must renew or withdrawal it.

 Can the percentage interest change?

Yes, it can change with prior notice to our partners, but it won't affect the already invested amount.

 Can I visit the company?

As a partner you are free to visit our outlet @ No 10 Last Bustop, Iba Housing Estate Ojo Lagos or Shop F888up Alaba International Market Ojo Lagos

 Can I resell or buy the company product?

You are allowed to be our reseller and we advice you as our investor to patronize us, 

As a reseller you can make 5% to 10% gain from the product cost price.

 Do you have any referral reward?

Yes we are rewarding our clients awesomely for referring their friends, families, colleagues with 2% bonus of the referred deposit.

 Where can I buy the company product

Visit our website @ www.joshnka.com, you can place your order. or come to our outlet @No 10 Last Bustop, Iba Housing Estate Ojo Lagos or Shop F888up Alaba International Market Ojo Lagos

 How Sure Is The Customers Investment Protected?

Joshnka Technology Ltd imports Raw materials and Produce power-generators here in Nigeria.

We import our Raw materials Batch by Batch, ie weekly, we place our orders weekly, and shipping is also per week shipment, in order to checkmate any unforeseen occurrences. 

Our importation is also under insurance cover.