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About us

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The Company

Business Sector
The Company currently operates in the manufacturing sector of Solar Energy.

Company History

Joshnka Technology Limited started in May, 2014 by Joshua Nkado. As an IT person, I always work on my laptop and the problem I have is power failure, and the epileptic power supply in my area is too poor, so I decided on how to create a reliable power solution to work for the hours I needed to stay on my laptop. So, I created my first power-solution called “Laptop Powerbank” after I used it for like 1 month, my friends got interested in the product, so I turned it into business by creating more powerbanks using (used) laptop batteries and some other batteries I sourced locally. That’s how people started buying into the products and I started advertising it online then, using Nairaland.com, Tradestable.com which is now Olx.com.ng, Effritin.com, guruslodge.com and Jiji.ng, these sites helped me to market my products and made it available to people across the nation, but I ran into a problem of shortage of raw materials which made my products not steadily available. In 2015, most of my customers were demanding powerbanks that can carry their lights and home appliances, I went into further research and came up with more efficient power-bank that can effectively work with inverters, I started building a small capacity that can use 150 watts inverter using the laptop Powerbank, but is not  enough for their usage, and that metamorphosed into  the bigger capacities of powerbanks my company builds today.

Joshnka was registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) with a RC. No: 1448041. The Company was registered in October, 25, 2017. The Company is well established and empowered solar mobile power station productions using latest Lithium Battery Technology, supplying to individuals, NGO's, Offices and Homes

Company Goals and Objectives
Our Goals is to have a brand name of quality Powerbank that has a lot of features people needed for their daily needs and usage. Also to provide constant solar energy/light to the grassroots and the world at large saying good bye to darkness in our entire neighbor hood

We intend on becoming one of Nigeria’s largest independently owned and powered solar products producers


Our Objectives:

- Establishing a home-based factory for steady and mass production.

-Getting local and international partners for fast growth of the company.

- Building top-notch devices that exceed customer's expectations through understanding their potential needs.

- Providing competitive and cost effective power/energy solutions combined with new technology and innovation.

- Providing first class service being customer’s centric focus

- Creating employment opportunity for locals and

- Getting professionals to drive the company affairs.

- Building a centralized power-station


Company Ownership Structure
The Company is structured as a limited liability company (L.L.C.)

Ownership Background

Nkado Joshua (Managing Director /Founder of Joshnka Technology Ltd)
From Agulu in Anambra state, an old boys of St, Peters Special Science School Achina and a deferral of Computer Science from National Open University of Nigeria, a technologist and scientist in nature. An ideas driven machine-human.


The Product

We have Categories of PowerBanks

1. Laptop Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)

2. Phone Powerbanks (Using Lithium ion Technology)


We are focusing more on using Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, Lithium Polymer Technology, and Lithium Titanate Technology in building these and future products:


3. Mobile Solar Generator of different capacities (Using Lithium iron phosphate Technology)

12v system with different inverter capacities to power small and big electrical appliances pending on user’s choice of system.


a. 444wh

b. 768wh

c. 960WH Capacities

d. 1280wh

e. 260wh

f. 1920wh

g. 2240wh

h. 2560wh

We are looking forward to customizing 24v, 36v and 48v systems based on our clients demands. We can build any capacities our customers needed.

Our products have 5-10 years life span for our LiFePO4, 10-30years for lithium Titanate products and 2-4years for our Li-ion Products