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Joshnka Technology is a fast growing entrepreneur business that is registered under the CAC of Nigeria with the RC No: 1448041 and has been functional organization since 2014.

Joshnka Technology is operating under the branch of Energy Sector, with its outstanding business acumen has been a producer of portable power-banks using latest Lithium battery Technology, that has helped entrepreneurs, offices, students, and homes to power theirs appliances like laptop, lights, phones, TVs, printers, routers, blenders, Fans, fridges, freezers, some office equipment etc which can be recharged using solar panels, electricity or generator for very few hours giving longer serving hours of Backup. And this has helped to checkmate the epileptic lopsided power perpetual problem of the nation state of Nigeria

Presently, Joshnka Technology Ltd, hereby make decision to partner with viable organizations and individuals of progressive minds through investment in our technology in other to increase production. As Joshnka Technology is poised to take the power-bank production to the hinter-land grassroots and checkmate the noisy generating electro powers. Also the astronomical upsurge of the cost of procuring even the smallest generator called tiger alias “I pass my neighbor” is a challenge and the reason we are in the Joshnka Technological “Think-Tank”, have decided to checkmate these abnormalities as it is a way of colossal siphoning  of the micro financial earning of the peasants.

Joshnka in its best interest and concern has taken it upon itself to design and re-brand these power-banks in a way that it would be affordable for every African home.

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